Reverb melting and holding furnaces are equipped with the latest technology for efficient melting and accurate temperature control which is necessary for quality of casting. The twin roll continuous casting is employed to produce a fine microstructure and precision thickness of aluminium cast sheet. Continuous degassing and filtering of the molten metal is used to ensure that our aluminium sheet is physically sound and free of internal defects.

  Cold Rolling Mill
A four high non-reversing cold mill is utilized to reduce the thickness of our aluminium cast coil down to order specifications. We are capable of producing finished width up to 1,400 mm. With gauge tolerances ± 1.5-2.5 % by Automatic Gauge Control(AGC) and flatness error not exceeding 15 I-unit by Automatic Flatness Control (AFC).

[ Straightening & cut-to-length / SLITTER / BLANKING MACHINE ]

Annealing furnaces are used to develop a result of cold-working to meet the mechanical properties of standard specification during our annealing, stress relieving and homogenizing processes. Atmospere is controlled to ensure high quality surface finishes.

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